Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Homecoming (And No More PROMS!!!!)

When I walked into my house yesterday for the first time in three weeks, everything felt like a novelty.  Tiger, practically falling outside as we opened the front door, was beyond excitement until my squeal of delight at glimpsing his squishy face scared him into running in the opposite direction.  Eventually, when things were settled, he resumed his normal position at my feet, just like old times.

As I settled onto my couch, my mom helped create a probation station, arranging everything in arm's reach, magazines, kindle, computer, waters, snacks, etc....My flat screen TV looked colossal compared to the hospital's and I marveled at all of the shows Jon had Tivoed in my absence.  I desperately wanted to walk into the nursery, view the new lawn furniture in the backyard, inspect my kitchen for cleanliness, but I relented, vowing not to go anywhere in my house that is not absolutely necessary (ie. bathroom).

When Jon returned home from work, I prioritized my numerous demands and just asked for the basics: food and water, in which he happily obliged.  He went to the market on his way home from work and filled our fridge with all of my favorites--no more tragic Greek salads or French toast surprises.  Last night, as I readied for bed, I realized that I had even missed my electric toothbrush, my full length mirror, my shower!!!  As I viewed my pregnant body full length for the first time in weeks, I gasped--who was this emaciated figure with a giant pineapple in her stomach?  Although I had read about other women losing weight on bed rest, I did not think that I would be one of them--I was enjoying way too much chocolate and sweets.  However, as I stared at my Ethiopian-pregnant-esque image, it looked like my stomach had literally sucked the meat from all of the other parts of my body.  I looked like a bowling ball with protruding limbs!

I snuggled into bed next to hubby and relished in the peacefulness, no more monitoring, no more waking up for vital checks every couple of hours, no more needles threatening to invade my skin.  Just a purring Tiger nestled in between us....


  1. Sam, looks like we both got to go home yesterday! I'm so happy for you, I know you were incarcerated way longer than I was! Do you have to go back at all before your delivery? I have to be readmitted in 2 weeks but I'm happy to have this little break. Have they given you a date/time frame for delivery or do you get to hold out as long as possible? Enjoy your comforts of home! Amelia

  2. Yeahhhh! You are home! Welcome back, enjoy more chocolate, sleep in your bed soon you will have a new baby to bring home!