Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Probation Station

So, as I eventually developed a routine within the hospital, I now must develop my own routine at home.  I desperately want coffee this morning, but Jon has already departed for work, and I no longer have my nifty nurse call button dangling from my bed.  I may have to forgo my morning cup of joe or wait until I venture into the kitchen for lunch.  Although I am the proud pet owner of Tiger the Super Cat, his abilities are quite limited.  I will gladly sacrifice coffee and will take all of the purring and snuggling I can get!

Ideally, Jon would like to find an ankle bracelet which administers an electric shock each time I am on my feet for more than a one minute duration.  When he realized the anklet bracelet was impossible to find, he suggested buying an electric fence at Pets Mart, which would zap me each time I attempt to enter restricted territory.  I informed him that I was done being tortured for another few weeks and my next feat would be the actual labor process.

If one more person tells me that I need to stay off my feet, they are not getting past my security gate at the front of my development.  Believe me--I do not want to end up back in the hospital and I desperately want to carry Baby J full term.  Being on hospital bed rest is truly a test of character and strength--and to be honest I don't know if I completely Aced that test (I had many questionable moments).  However, I will say that I have so much respect for the women whom I encountered both in the hospital as well as the online community.  Many of my counterparts have been on hospital bed rest for months, without any hope of going home before baby.  My hearts and thoughts are with these courageous women, who I know will soon be AMAZING mothers.  

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  1. Sam, I am much more comfortable at home but my anxiety is a lot higher. Since I am still having contractions all day long I have to monitor myself. I keep time with an app on my phone and I'm constantly on the lookout for any type of "change" so it's a lot of work and pressure on my shoulders. Also, with the Vasa Previa, if my water were to break it would be an emergency requiring an emergency c-section. So being in the hospital feels a lot safer. I have only agreed to be at home because my FFN was negative last week and I've requested they repeat it if they expect me to stay home next week (they agreed). I'm 30 weeks now and will probably feel a lot better once we hit 32 and go back to the hospital. Until then, trying to enjoy the silence of being home and my comfy bed. Hope you're doing well. What are you doing to stay busy now that you're home?