Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Love my Girls!

And no--I am not referring to the two growing mounds on my chest that will provide nourishment to Baby J, but I am talking about my actual girlfriends!  Since I have been on bed rest for over a month, I have continually blogged about how stressful this situation has been for both my mother and my husband, who have shouldered the majority of my burdens.  I don't think that I have given enough credit to my girlfriends, as well as the countless other women in my life who have all been mothering this soon-to-be mother. 

A few days ago, I experienced another meltdown, when I called my doctor's office to request a referral to the perinatologist.  The receptionist informed me that my doctor had a death in his family, would be out of town for at least one week, and she was unable to complete my referral request without his consent.  Well, when I heard this news, I did what any high-risk, hormonal, pregnant woman would do--I completely majorly, flipped the hell OUT. 

I had no nifty nurse call button to press for assistance, no exercise regimen to turn to, no vitamin P to pop--it was just me, my house, and a freaked out cat, now hiding under my bed.  In need of ASAP crisis intervention, I frantically called my girlfriends and sobbed about all of my fears, anxieties, issues, etc.  They listened to me seriously as though I was not a bona fide lunatic and helped me devise a plan to self-advocate.  After numerous phone calls, and pleading, I finally scheduled an appointment with the perinatologist which is scheduled for next Monday. 

Yesterday, my amazing girlfriends came over and helped me assemble baby gear, organized the nursery, laundered clothes, and even successfully completed the daunting task of shopping at Babies R Us.  Everyday, I have been fortunate enough to have at least one well-wishing-woman find some way to make my house arrest more bearable.  Instead of a single pre-baby extravaganza, I have had hours of showers in which I have received food, chocolate, gifts, counseling, and much needed words of encouragement.  

People keep reminding me that when I do finally have Baby J, my husband will always be my first baby.  However, without the support of the women in my life, I don't think that I would have escaped the loony bin in my present situation.  Girlfriends are truly a lifelong investment and I am not selling off my stocks in this lifetime.  True, my immediate family will be comprised of my husband and son, who I will undeniably love and cherish, but my girlfriends will always remain an integral, necessary part of my foundation.   

Love you girls!!

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