Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Jail Break Attempt?

Why have I been up since 4am downing water, coffee, and every processed sugary item in my jail cell?  Why is my IPhone strategically positioned on my tummy, blaring 80's rock music?  I have another ultrasound scheduled at 7am and this baby needs to be up and moving.  He doesn't just need to be awake, he needs to be training for the baby Olympics, because this morning's ultrasound could possibly be his poor mother's last chance at FREEDOM!!

I am beginning to despise that damn proverbial carrot that has been looming over my head for the past week.  Is it healthier to just accept the fact that I will be hospitalized indefinitely until the arrival of Baby J or to have constant glimmers of hope every few days that I may possibly be released on house arrest?  

On Friday, my hopes and dreams were viciously shattered as baby J absolutely refused to cooperate and is already displaying acts of defiance (shouldn't he wait until he is a teenager for that phase?)  In a nutshell, my AFI (amniotic fluid level index) have been stable, since I have been admitted.  Because of this, my doctor thinks that my premature rupture sealed over (which is great news, but a pretty rare occurrence once the water breaks). On Friday, if my AFI had again been stable, I was to be released.  However, as many of you know, that was not the case.

Three days ago, I woke up ten minutes before the arrival of the sonographer and was probably a little dehydrated, with no food or sugar in my system (maybe I am rationalizing the outcome?) .  When she measured my AFI, she could not get a good read because Baby J was fast asleep and REFUSED to move out of the way.  In last-minute desperation, I devoured five tootsie rolls, blasted my IPhone in hopes that he would start dancing, and the US tech even administered a bit of shock therapy with her mini-buzzer.  I watched in both horror and fascination as his only response was a languorous opening of his mouth, expressing an I-couldn't-care-less yawn, ending with sticking his tongue out rebelliously (both the sonographer and tech laughed hysterically but I did not share their humor).  Needless to say, my AFI levels (9% compared to a stable 12%) were not up to par and doc ordered a repeat of the tests for this morning.

This morning, I am already feeling him perform somersaults and cartwheels--this baby is wide awake and the sonographer needs to arrive ASAP before he is fast asleep again!  Keep your fingers crossed!!


  1. I am crashing from not enough sleep and am still waiting for my results! The preliminary results showed the my AFL were normal again (hallelujah!!), however, baby did not practice his breathing, resulting in a 6/8, not a perfect score. I don't know if doc will be alarmed or if he will see this as no cause of concern?? Will keep everyone posted....

  2. Happy to hear you had a good AFI this morning. It sounds our troubles are reversed. My kid will breathe...most days. But my AFLs SUCK. The fact that I've been having weekly bleeds does not help my cause any. 6/8 is GOOD. The breathing practice, I have been told just gives the doctors an idea about what to expect should you deliver within a week. I'm sure there is more they don't tell me. Can't wait to hear the doctor's verdict. Good luck.