Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taking a "Sick" Day

To all of my loyal Blog-lovers: No, I have not extracted my baby and yes, I am still stable.  I had quite an eventful morning/afternoon and the incubation chamber is in need of a little R&R.  Since writing my blog, it has captured the attention of the some of the hospital staff, including the Public Relations Department.  They decided to contact Channel 10 news to ask if they would be interested in covering a story about life in the antepartum unit, my blog, and some of the trials and tribulations both patients as well as nurses face while being in this state of purgatory.  So, late in the morning, I had the pleasure of having an interview with Kristi Krueger about these very topics (I never thought that I would be making my TV debut in a hospital bed!). The segment will air in late March, and I promise to keep  everyone posted.


For the rest of the rest of the day, I plan on tuning out and tuning in to some good old-fashioned tube time.  I plan to eat my chocolate, watch the Doctors, Oprah, and Ellen (and of course Channel 10 news).  Adieu until tomorrow’s blog!

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