Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Original Email to Friends and Family 2.11.11

Dear friends, 
Firstly I do not have most of ur email addresses in my iPhone so 
please pass this along to others if not included or if i have outdated 
email. I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and wishes. 
Eventually I will get around to calling everyone back but for now I am 
still loopy from meds and can't keep my eyes open for more than a 
couple of minutes. Already have been working on this email for half 
hour with frequent rest breaks! 
Baby is healthy and for now likes mommys incubator more than the 
hosptitals. And he is already very intelligent--when my water broke he 
knew to be in the vertex position (head down and very very early for a 
30 + week baby) so his head is now acting as a plug between him and 
the outside world. Pretty amazing. 
So when my water broke on tues I Thought for sure I wd be delivering 
but they were able to stabilize me by giving both me and baby meds and 
total bed rest. Also, they gave me two shots of steroids to develop 
his lungs if he does arrive prematurely. They stopped my contractions 
by putting me on magnesium but I just found out that they are now 
taking me off of that.

The drs goal is to keep me in hospital on permanent bed rest for as 
long as possible. If contractions start again, I will go back on 
magnesium-any info any of u cd gather on this drug wd be very helpful- 
i have been having lots of side effects and don't know too much about 
So, I have come to discover that there is a whole underground society 
of pregnant women who possibly remain in the hospital for months due 
to similar circumstances. As many of u keep saying, of course this wd 
happen to me because anything weird and unexpected does seem to find 
me. I have heard about all kinds of things happening to fellow 
preggers but never knew it wd be possible to be in hospital for months 
before delivering!! 
Anyway, it's still pretty touch and go and my condition cd always 
change. I have many many conflictual emotions about being in this 
situation for such a long duration vs birthing prematurely. I know 
this is the healthiest for baby but selfishly I am having a really 
hard time thinking about being in this for the long haul. Just trying 
to take it in stride for now. And it is important that for now mommy 
and baby are both healthy.

When I am even more stabilized wd love visitors and will prob be on 
the phone 24/7. 
On a happy note my sister in law was sent home on partial bed rest. 
Karen-I wd be lying if I didn't admit I am jealous that u r home but 
am also extremely happy for u!! And no-Karen and I are not in a 
competition to see who can deliver first.

Will be keeping everyone updated. Lots of love,


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