Sunday, February 27, 2011

Other Incarcerated Incubators Unveiled!

Well, it certainly took me long enough to discover how to use the internet and reach out to other hospital incubation mommas (I will refer to them as IMs from this point forward).  Before this experience, I minimally used the computer for non-work related issues and am embarrassed to admit, had little knowledge of searches that didn't involve Google.  Finally, after relocating my thinking cap since it was lost on my elementary school's playground, I came up with the ingenious idea of reaching out to other IMs through popular baby websites and the responses were a bit overwhelming.  I have finally uncovered other pockets of this underground society! 

I was contacted by another IM, (I still don't know her name or where she is incubating) who is having a very similar experience and is also humorously blogging away about all of her hospital escapades (her blog is  She also experienced PROM (again, not the celebratory prom that is the culmination of high school) at twenty-three weeks, was being poisoned from high levels of magnesium sulfate, and lives in constant fear of having her bathroom/shower privileges revoked for negligent behavior.  Unlike my experience, she has been incarcerated for eight weeks (after reading about her trials and tribulations, I am thoroughly inspired by her spirit, character, and humor).  

She sardonically describes occupying a cell near the emergency room and learning to interpret the different codes, which are blared daily on the hospital intercom (still trying to investigate the mystery behind Dr. Red?), describes a weekly socialization hour, in which her antepartum buddies are all invited to a conference room to discuss different subjects (I would love a socialization hour here!), and quips about her Christmas tree still being up at home and her house being in shambles (I can totally relate!!)

I still have yet to follow up with a few other IMs who have responded to my post.  However, one of them wrote about her hospital providing an "antepartum services booklet", which lists an array of mobile service providers such as hair stylists, masseuses, and nail salons (I feel another project coming on!). This same IM also related to my blog about giving up control and even compared her pre-incubator-self to Meg Ryan's character on Harry Met Sally, who neurotically takes fifteen minutes to request a very specific lunch order.  Another respondent shared a quote which pretty much sums up this whole experience:  "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain."

So, in between my bouts of visitors today, I plan on gathering more information on these IMs and discovering their secrets to how they have coped thus far.  Also, I have finally connected with a fellow hospital incubator, who is renting space three doors down the corridor, third cell on the right.  I request wheelchair visits to her room, where we swap stories and ooh and ahh over the knifty knitter, like cave women discovering fire for the first time.  Will keep you all posted on my fellow Best-Rest Buddies!

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