Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jon's Update 2.12.11

Good morning all. I hope that this email finds everyone well.

I wanted to give you all the latest update from this end.    As most of you already know, Sam and I have been expecting our first child in April 2011.  Needless to say we are extremely excited and are looking forward to welcoming baby Jordan Tyler Silverman into the family.   However, this past Tuesday night we suffered a setback in the pregnancy.

Sam had woken up in the middle of the night and her water broke and she was bleeding.  We rushed her to the emergency room, in which they immediately began running all kinds of tests on her and the baby.  Since the baby is only 30 1/2 weeks old, there was the obvious concerns of any baby being born prematurely and lots of uncertainty.   Thankfully, they were able to administer medicines that were able to slow down the contractions enough so that they could inject Sam over the past several days with steroid shots so that they can help develop the baby's premature lungs.  In addition, they have been able to give Sam antibiotics to help ward off any infections susceptible since her water has already broken.  

The first 48 hours were the scariest, as we were being told that the baby would have to come out in as soon as 24-48 hours via emergency c section and would be in NICU for the next 8 weeks, to now a possibility to have baby remain inside Sam as long as he can in order to further develop.

The good news is that both Sam and baby are doing ok and all is stable.  They finally were able to get Sam on a regular eating diet (hospital food has been pretty good), and unhook several of the tubes that they had placed in her.  Unfortunately, she will be in the hospital on bed rest for anywhere up to the next 8 weeks!   Her spirits are improving, as we continue to visit her everyday and hope and pray for the best for her and baby.

Based on the prenatal physician, he said that there is a 95% chance of baby recovery if he was delivered prematurely, and at this point, as long as they can keep the baby inside, he has an even greater chance of growth and development.

Thank you all who have given their calls, texts and wishes and have shared many personal stories of babies they have known that have been delivered prematurely and have successfully survived and developed normally over the years. 

Sam is staying at Memorial Regional Hospital - 3501 Johnson Street, Hollywood, Fl 3302.  Feel free to give Sam a call on her cell 954-253-1072 or call her room 954-987-2000  Room 244 bed 2, or email her at samantha.ivy@hotmail.com

We will continue to give updates, but we are feeling more confident each day and realize that we have to take it day by day at this point.

Talk to you all soon

Jon and Sam and baby Jordan

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